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The Calendar Year 2013 – The Biblical Year 5773

January 17, 2013

The Calendar Year 2013 – the Biblical Year 5773

This is a transcription of a teaching done by Robert Heidler – Pastor of Glory of Zion in Corinth, Texas:

In the Hebrew calendar, each year is represented by a set of Hebrew Letters.  Hebrew letters don’t just have a sound, they also each have a meaning.

Jews believe that the letters of the Hebrew alphabet are part of God’s prophetic revelation.

Jesus agreed:  He said, “ The smallest Hebrew letter, or the smallest part of a Hebrew letter will not pass away till all is fulfilled.”  If we understand the Hebrew letters for a year, it gives us a prophetic picture of what God is saying.

If you remember: 2007 was a year of floods.  The Hebrew number for that year was Zayin.  Zayin words in Hebrew include: “to flow, gush forth, to FLOOD, to pour forth in floods!”  This was telling us to watch the places that flood – that’s where the Holy Spirit will begin to be poured out.

This last year – 2012 – the Hebrew letter was Bet (the number 2).  Bet means “house.”  Last year was the year of the House.  In our nation, the key issues were the White House and the House of Representatives.  A lot of people moved into new houses last year.  It was a year of God working to establish His House – the Place of His Presence dwelling!

This year (2013) is the Hebrew year 5773.

5700 means:  May it be the year of……

70 is the Hebrew letter Ayin

3 is the Hebrew letter Gimel

5773: The year of Ayin Gimel

In Hebrew, those letters both have meaning.

Ayin:  Ayin is the prophetic season (10 Years) we are in.  Ayin was originally a picture of an eye.  In an Ayin season (this 10 year season we are in): God wants to increase your ability to see.  He says, “Look again!”  He wants you to see beyond… to see in ways you have not seen before!  He wants to give you clear vision to see what you could not see before.

In Hebrew the letter Ayin also means a “well or spring.”  In this Ayin season, God wants to refresh you and give you new strength!  It’s a year to let God’s spring of living water well up from inside you!

Gimel:  The word Gimel comes from the Hebrew word for Camel.  The letter Gimel was originally a picture of a camel.  So in Hebrew, this is the year of the CAMEL!  Declare:  “The Camels are coming.”  God wants us to know this is the year of the camel… and since this year started last September, we seen camels a lot!

In November, ABC News ran a story about an escaped camel running through the streets of Glendale, Ca:  The Camels are Coming!  NBC also ran a story on Thanksgiving Day: “In the market for a camel?  Pushkar fair has up to 20,000 animals for sale and trade.  It was the story about a camel fair in India that’s become a major tourist attraction!

Gimel is the Year of the Camel!

What does that mean?

In the ancient world, camels were very important animals.

Camels were a Measure of Wealth: at the beginning of the book of Job, we see Job was the richest man in the land because he had 3,000 camels.  By the end of the book, God had blessed Job so greatly he had doubled his wealth – He had 6,000 camels!  Key issue:  PROSPERITY!  Camel is a symbol of prosperity.  Camels brought your provision from afar.  When the queen of Sheba visited Solomon, she brought a great caravan of camels carrying spices, large quantities of gold and precious stones.   Biblically, this is a year to see GREAT INCREASE!  This is a year when God wants to move you into a new level of provision.

A key passage for this year is Isaiah 60: “Arise, shine, for your light has come and the glory of the Lord rises upon you.  Darkness covers the earth and thick darkness is over the peoples, but the Lord rises upon you and His glory appears over you.  Nations will come to your light, and kings the brightness of your dawn.  Then you will look and be radiant, your heart will throb and swell with joy; the wealth on the seas will be brought to you, to you the riches of the nations will come.  Herds of Camels will cover your land, young camels of Midian and Ephah.   All from Sheba will come, bearing gold and incense and proclaiming the praise of the Lord.”

This is a prophecy of God’s glory coming and resting on His people!  Where God’s glory is manifest, there is blessing and full provision!  The out come of God’s Glory will be herds of CAMELS covering the land, bringing great provision, and also filling the land with great praise!  So the year of the camel is a year for a fresh manifestation of God’s glory and a fresh outpouring of provision!

Camels measured the might of an army:  Judges 7:12 describes the Midianite army:  “There CAMELS could no more be counted than sand on the seashore.”  The year of the camel is a year to know the strength of the ARMY that is backing you up!  Israel has always been surrounded by ruthless enemies!  How has Israel survived?  By the ARMIES OF HEAVEN – they are defending Israel!  When you know the strength of the army that is backing you up, there’s no more room for FEAR!

2 Kings 6: The King of Aram sent an army to capture Elisha.  When Elisha’s servant went out the next morning, an army had surrounded the city.  “Oh now, my lord!  What shall we do?” the servant asked.  “Don’t be afraid,” Elisha answered.  “Those who are with us are more than those who are with them.”  Elisha prayed, “Open his eyes, Lord, so he can SEE.”  Then the Lord opened the servant’s eyes, and he looked and saw the hills full of horses and chariots of fire all around Elisha.  God wants you to SEE His army this year!

It is important to know the power that backs you because this is the year to do exploits!  One of the

key GIMEL words is GIBBOR!:  “Hero or Warrior.”  It is the Year of the Hero-Warrior!  One of the

names of  God is “EL GIBBOR!”  “Mighty God – the Lord, Mighty in Battle!”

In the Old Testament we read about David’s MIGHTY MEN – GIBORIM.  Warriors known for their   strength and courage willing to take a stand against the enemy and anxious to do exploits!  This year, God want to raise up A GIBBORIM!  Warrior-Heroes in the spiritual realm!  Those who will do exploits for God and see territories changed!  This is the year that God is stirring in the hearts of His people to rise up in new strength.  To operate in a new level of power and boldness!  To take back our territory!  To overcome the devil, tear down his works and set his captives free!  This is a year to banish all fear and move forward in faith.  From your victories will come your spoils!  But to do that, you need to KNOW who you are!   Many of you see yourself as weak and helpless against the enemy.  You are fearful and

passive.  But that is not what God has for you.  You are the Salt of the Earth – the Light of the

World!  The world is in a mess, but we’re the ones who can do something about it!

God want you to confess your true identity:

Joel 3:10: “Let the weak say, ‘I am STRONG.’”  The word “strong” is GIBBOR!  Some of you see yourself as weak!  God is saying, “You need to change the way you look at yourself!”  You think you are weak, but you were created to be a WARRIOR-HERO!  Anyone can be GIBBOR if El Gibbor is with you!  God is calling you to be a valiant warrior!  He is calling you to do exploits:  to heal the sick and win the lost – to do battle in prayer and see nations changed.

Camels are a sign that the door to your destiny has opened.  Isaac and Rebekah (Genesis 24): “Isaac went out to the field and as he looked up, he saw camels approaching.”  Rebekah looked up and saw Isaac.  She got down from her camel.  Isaac married Rebekah – she became his wife and he loved her.  Isaac’s issue here was not just a wife.  His destiny was to bring forth Israel, and to do that he had to find Rebekah!  When Isaac saw the camels coming, he knew the door to his destiny had opened!  Look for the door to your destiny to open this year!

When the Camels come…JOYFUL PRAISE is RELEASED!  Isaiah 60:6: “Herds of Camels will cover your land…All from Sheba will come…proclaiming the praise of the Lord!  When the camels arrive, the land will overflow with praise.”  The year of GIMEL is a year to REJOICE IN THE LORD!  The Joy of the Lord is your strength.  “Joyful Praise” is a Gimel word.  The Hebrew word “Gheel” means to rejoice and be glad.  It comes from a root word that means to spin around.  God wants you to enter new dimensions of praise and worship this year.  Chuck Pierce says, “This is a time to worship so the enemy’s plans of poverty and drought can be uncovered.”  Praise releases provision!  To receive your provision this year, you must learn to praise!  This year, ask God for a fresh encounter with Jesus that will activate a new level of praise in your heart.

Finally: The Year of the Camel is a year to Make it Through a Narrow Place and into Your Future.  The last place camels are mentioned in the Bible is Luke 18:25 when Jesus talks about a camel going through the “Eye of the Needle.”

What does that mean?  Ancient city gages were closed at night.  But the gate usually has a small door called “The Eye of the Needle.”  Through the Eye of the Needle, they could let people in and out, one at a time, after the gates of the city were closed!  But sometimes a merchant arrived after the gates were closed.  His camel was burdened down with valuable merchandise to sell at the city market the next day and the merchant didn’t want to leave the camel outside.  How could he get the camel through the small gate (The Eye of the Needle)?  The only way was to take off all the baggage the camel was carrying.  Then the camel had to get down on its knees.  When that happened, the camel could make it through “The Eye of the Needle.”

Going through The Eye of the Needle means you are going through a narrow place!  But if you are willing to humble yourself and let go of some things, you can make it through!  When God gives you a promise, getting there often involves going through a narrow place.  You may be at a narrow place right now – things are happening you don’t like or understand – God is asking you to do things you don’t want to do – You are uncomfortable with the situation you are in!  Satan has come to you to fill you with fear and anxiety about the future – you see what lies ahead and say, “How will I ever make it through?”  You hear God’s promise and it sounds great, but then you find yourself in the NARROW PLACE!  Remember, most of the men and women of faith we read about in the Bible had to go through Narrow Places.

  • David went through a Narrow Place.  The prophet Samuel came to David and anointed him and prophesied that he would be the next KING!  But before he could be king… he had to deal with Saul!  So David spent years of his life as a fugitive, living in the wilderness while Saul tried to kill him!
  • Joseph went through a Narrow Place!  God gave Joseph a prophetic dream that he would be exalted!  But first he was sold as a slave in Egypt.  He had to live as a slave, experience false accusation and imprisonment.  He had to go through that Narrow Place before the promise could be fulfilled.
  • Even Jesus went through a Narrow Place.  His goal was to redeem a people for God, bring them into a relationship with Himself, and to fellowship with us through all the ages of eternity.  But, to get there He had to endure the Cross.  Hard!  In His humanity, He dreaded it.  The night before the crucifixion.   He was sweating blood and pleading with the Father to find another way.

Don’t be surprised by your Narrow Place.  If God calls you to go through a Narrow Place this year, you are in good company.  A Narrow Place is not judgment or punishment.  It’s an opportunity.  This is a year to make it through the Narrow Place.  In the year of the camel, you can make it through the needle’s eye.

At the narrow place, the key question is:  “Will you believe God’s promise?”  Why is it important to press through the eye of the needle this year?  It’s because on the other side of that eye is your future.  You press through a narrow place to enter a broad place.  This is the year to rise up in faith and lay the foundation for your future.

How do you get through the Narrow Place?

  • You take off all the burdens you’ve been carrying.  Paul had to let go of something s to make it through his narrow place!  He said he lost ALL that was gain to him and counted it as rubbish!  Ask yourself:  What do I need to let go of this year?  It’s it your comfort, your pride, your self-will, those things you think you have a right to expect, etc.?
  • You have to humble yourself, get down on your knees and submit to any process God has put you in.  Paul had to humble himself and submit.  He was no longer a respected rabbi.  For 16 years, he was just part of the church in Antioch.  Ask yourself:  “How do I need to humble myself and submit to make it through?”

Keep your eyes on the Joy on the other side.  It is a year to keep your eyes on the promise (faith.)  When you put your eyes on the JOY – FAITH arises to press you through the Narrow Place.  Jesus endured the cross for the JOY!  Paul laid down everything for the JOY!  Israel would have make it to the Promised Land if they had taken their eyes off the giants and put them on the JOY!  This is a year to put aside fear and worry and CHOOSE to REJOICE! 


On the other side of the NEEDLE’S EYE is your FUTURE!  On the other side of the NARROW PLACE is the BLESSING!  If you are in a Narrow Place right now – fix your gaze on the promises of god!  Remember God’s words for your life!  God always has a good plan for your future, and if you follow Him, He’ll take you there!  Thank about what god has promised you, and be filled with JOY in anticipation of what God will do. Don’t turn back – keep your eyes on the JOY and declare:

I’m Coming Through!

If you take the letters for this year and you put them together, they form an arrowhead!

This is a year to move forward and ADVANCE!  God want you to cross over into your future this year.  This is a year of great promise.  It’s a year to escape from the past and enter the glory of the future.  It’s a time to neutralize the enemy’s power, recover lost strength and be nourished into wholeness.  It is a year to see the priesthood for this hour blossom and to mature into the One New Man!

It’s a year to enter into a new dimension of prosperity – The camels are coming!!!  Get ready – it is time to cross over and inherit the promise!

Be blessed in this year of the Lord!

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